Here are some samples of feedback given to Joanne on completion of her previous course:

  • I like to see my work on display.
  • When I come into the art room with Joanne all my aches and pains fade away.
  • Working on my art work helps me to forget.
  • my pottery is very pressious to me.
  • Working with Joanne gives me confidence in myself and my work.
  • Time flies when I am working with Joanne and my friends on my pottery projects.
  • I enjoyed the silk painting. Ii like what the salt did to it.
  • I feel a real sense of achievement when I finish a piece of pottery or silk painting that i am proud of.
  • My friends and family are impressed by my art work that I take home from the day centre.

If you think Joanne might be a great benefit at your centre, why don’t you get in touch?