Welcome to the Art For Everybody website. Joanne Mc Elvanna-Kernan is an Armagh based artist graduated from the University of Ulster, Belfast in 2002, she became a lecturer in Armagh college (SRC) in 2004, teaching adults with both physical and learning disabilities both profound and moderate. Joanne teaches mainly pottery ceramics, arts and crafts. Since 2004 Joanne has provided adults with both learning and physical disabilities an opportunity to achieve to the best of their abilities through therapeutic creative art activities.

Joanne’s classes are delivered professionally and designed specifically to meet the needs of individual people with all types of physical, learning and emotional disabilities, in a relaxed and therapeutic manner. Classes help participants explore their creative abilities and gain a sense of accomplishment and independence. Joanne encourages people to make their own decisions about their art work, this enhances self esteem and gives each person the ability to creatively express themselves. Encouragement by others gives participants self-fulfillment and confidence that helps them with different aspects of there daily lives.

Joanne believes:

  • Art is for everybody regardless of there disabilities and limitations.
  • Everybody is capable of artistic and creative achievement in some form.
  • The sky is the limit if you do not limit what is achievable.
  • There are no limits to what anybody can achieve.
  • There is no such thing as “I can’t”.